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I didn’t march on Washington this weekend.  I didn’t march in my hometown.  I did my own march.  Marched to the bank, to visit a friend, to the car wash and grocery store and then marched home to be with my husband.

I didn’t shout at anyone, set anyone’s hair on fire, or scream The P Word at the top of my lungs.

I don’t have to do those things.  Because I haven’t bought into the irrational fear sold by the main stream media that Donald Trump is out to grab my vagina and send me back to the stone age.

I find it rather silly to believe in this day and age that 100 years of progress toward women’s equality can be undone by one man, or one presidential administration.  Yet, millions of women feel that way apparently.  It’s a bit frightening to know that so many have so little faith in their fellow citizens.  As if the rest of the country is just going to lay down and let anyone take away a woman’s right to vote, or to equal pay.  Really?  I have chronic anxiety, so I live in a world of irrational fear and yet this fear that Donald Trump is going to send us back to pre-20th century social policy doesn’t seem realistic.

The only things Trump is going to change for women in 2017-2020 is putting more of them to work.  As I type this he pulled the U.S. out of the Trans Pacific Partnership.  Girls, that’s a win.  That’s a good thing.  More U.S. jobs means more opportunities for women.  It means economic recovery to communities who need it.

One of the speakers at the Women’s March in Washington is Donna Hylton.  Donna Hylton is a feminist and advocate for incarcerated women.  Isn’t that great?  Do you know how she got to be such an advocate?  She was incarcerated.  She served a 25 year sentence for the brutal torture and murder of a 62 year old New York real estate broker.  Along with three friends, she lured the man to an apartment they had tricked out for torture and murder.  There they beat, starved, raped and tortured the man for 15 – 20 days before he died.  Then they shoved his broken body into a foot locker and left him to rot.  An Associated Press archived article on the kidnap/murder of Thomas Vigliarole in 1985.

She was profiled in 1995, 10 years into her sentence by Psychology Today in an article about incarcerated women.  Now, released from prison, Donna Hylton is a feminist darling who credits childhood abuse for the violent torture murder for which she was convicted.  A murder she participated in for the promise of payment of $9,000. Money she hoped to use to build a modeling portfolio.

Now, if you want to spend the weekend standing in the rain wearing your little vagina cap screaming about how no one can touch your pussy, then by all means do.  I’m not anti-feminist and I’m all for marching.  March all you want, it’s your right.   Just know who’s leading the band.