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Remember the lady profanely shouting for violence against police and conservative speaker, Gavin McInnes? Refresh your memory.  Remember how we were all shocked to learn she was a teacher?  Well, kittens, it gets better.  The woman videoed at an Antifa rally, identified herself as a professor and it didn’t take long for the internet to track her down and identify her as Rebecca Goyette, adjunct lecturer and museum educator at the Museum of Modern Art.  Ms. Goyette teaches at several New York colleges and produces feminist performance art in her spare time – when she’s not outside with a bullhorn calling the police “Fucking Nazis”.

Her art, apparently, is pornography featuring the professor dressed as a lobster.  And no, lobster is not some newly coined term used by hipster protesters.  It means “lobster,” that crustacean commonly served with lemon butter and a rice pilaf.  She dresses like a lobster and, has sex with men and women wearing fake penises, then posts these cinematic masterpieces online under such edgy titles as  “Masshole Love” and “Lobsterpussy.”

But Goyette doesn’t limit herself to only seafood roles, oh no!  She’s also star of “Ghost Bitch” an homage, she says, to one of her ancestors murdered during the Salem Witch Trials. Ghost Bitch is also pornographic.

For the record, I have no real problem with porrebecca-goyettenography.  I’ve always said, “Let your Freak Flag Fly.”  It’s my motto.  And that means whatever freak flag you are flying.  Hate the president?  Protest.  Hate men? Make nasty porn. Love lobster? Go to Red Lobster.  Like really love lobster? Then by all means, dress up like one and make pornography about it.  I don’t judge.

I just want to point out another of the ridiculous “Heroes of the Resistance” making the rounds lately.  She’s not a hero.  She’s not a feminist, or an artist.  She’s an attention whore desperately in need of butter and lemon.

Here’s proof – hilarious proof.


Thank you, Heatstreet and RT.